12 Kenyan T-Shirt Brands Everyone Should Own In 2020

March 19, 2020 | By kenyanvibe.com

T-shirts (and hoodies) are a wardrobe staple that you can never own enough of. They are unisex, comfy, easy to pair and can be great conversation starters. Your tee collection is about to get an ultimate upgrade with this list of edgy local Kenyan brands you should be rocking in 2020.

The list features merch from our favourite celebs like Adele Onyango, dope creatives like Mutua Matheka and other established as well as upcoming fashion brands. We love them for the cause or message printed on them, patriotic themes, throwbacks, “Kenyanisms” and many other reasons. We have seen some of these brands worn by fashion and media personalities and you can now add one or two or three from our carefully selected choices to your collection.

You are welcome!!


2Endo/ Endo Squared

If you are a minimalist 2Endo tees and bags will definitely catch your eye.

Link: 2.Endo


Adelle Onyango/Safe 24/7

Proceeds from buying the Safe 24/7 merch go to help victims of sexual abuse get therapy.

Link: Safe 24/7


Anyango Mpinga/Free As a Human

The designer founded the fashion initiative as a rally to end sexual exploitation of young girls, child labour and enslavement.

Link: Shop Free As a Human


Chilli Mango

The Afro-urban streetwear brand celebrates all things Kenya and African.

Link: Chillimango


Conkrete Roses

Conkrete Roses beautiful rhino design t-shirts, support Olpejeta Conservancy ‘s conservation work.

Link: Conkrete Roses


Home 254

Missing home or you just want to rep the 254? Home 254 has you covered.

Link: Home254



Jamhuri tees will give you all the TBT vibes if you are a 90s child.

Link:  JamhuriWear


Mutua Matheka

You’ve seen and love his images right? Need we say more??

Link: Truthslinger



Visual artist Omar Kuto’s brings clever design, wordplay and aesthetics to his collection.

Link: Mwadzame



Photographer Mohamed Abdulrahman is known to print a few t-shirts from selected images of his amazing portfolio.

Link: Moharez



PeniMbili is a brand we just discovered and we are in love with Anthony Muisyo’s art! We bet you will feel it as much as we do.

Link: Antownee


Peperuka World

Peperuka are on top of their game when it comes to catchy Kenyan phrases. If you love colour, you are in for a treat with this brand.

Link: Peperuka


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