African Movies to watch on TV during and after Lockdown (Part-2)

May 10, 2020 | By Wilfried Okiche

As more nations go on lockdown in a bid to contain the spread of COVID-19, movie theatres across the world find themselves out of service.The good news is that there is a world of entertainment yet to be discovered from the comfort of your home.

Here’s the part two of our list of African films and television that are essential viewing and available for streaming.

From pioneering classics to cult favourites and commercial crowd-pleasers, here’s what you should be getting lost in:

An African City (2014-2016) – Ghana

Hailed as the African answer to Sex and the City when it first arrived on YouTube in 2014, Nicole Amarteifio’s Afropolitan series eventually proved to be something separate if not entirely removed in spirit from the American show. Over two seasons and 23 episodes, An African City follows the shenanigans of five single women resettling in Accra, Ghana. It presents an updated narrative of what it means to be a young, African and female. The jury is still out on how far it succeeded but why not decide for yourself?


Where to watch: YouTube

Choufli Hal (2005-2009) – Tunisia

This enduring comedy, shot predominantly in Arabic, was first broadcast in 2005 on local stations and enjoyed a successful six-season run, including a standalone tele-film, over four years. The reason for its widespread acceptance is perhaps the relatability of its original set up. Choufli Hal takes advantage of the relationship between a psychotherapist and a psychic to comment on social issues. It may have wrapped its run on television but remains incredibly popular today.

Where to watch: Youtube

Mark Angel Comedy (2013-present) – Nigeria

Comedian Mark Angel has been able to parley his comic skits into an online behemoth. Featuring characters such as Emmanuella, Aunty Success and Chukwuemeka, his videos attract over millions of views and fans from as far flung locations as Australia and the Caribbean.

Where to watch: YouTube

Queen Sono (2020) – South Africa

Netflix’s first African original series is a bingeable epic ride along the corridors of power. Starring Pearl Thusi as a South African secret agent tackling criminal operations across the continent, Queen Sono delivers bang for its buck. Blending big drama, contemporary themes, stylish action and fantastic production design, it may be South African in origin but it has its sights set on conquering the continent. It is set in South Africa, Nairobi and Zanzibar among other locations, accommodating several African languages.

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