Branko Presents Enchufada Na Zona Vol.2 (Album)

July 28, 2020 | By Aodren

Summer is coming, the world is going down... let's leave the world where it is! Summer is coming, and it's time for the Portuguese label Enchufada, and its boss, a little blond boy named Branko, to make us get back to the flavour of a sweaty night in an open-air nightclub, with the lapping of the sea that rocks the roundness of the bass, with laughter and... you remember... human contact! And, failing to be able to scour the clubs and nightclubs, Branko has summoned all his teams, his little favourites, and his (musical) holiday loves... the cream of the cream of Portuguese clubbing looking towards Africa, and the top of the top of African clubbing investing the European dancefloors, on a compilation that has decided to zonk a bit on our turntables, to hold the walls of the Afro scene, to squat our record bins and our pages... the aptly named Branko Presents: Enchufada Na Zona Vol.2.

On this compilation the former doorman of the Buraka Som Sistema shakes the bass and the edits, the sound is warm and round, it makes the torso talk, pushes it to swings, and encourages lascivious, high and nonchalant movements with the arms! He opens up forests dressed in elegant beats, synthetic jungles that transpires love and living free... ah yes, living free, the world before... the rhythms sway in the wind, and the night takes its rights, the city in the distance is swarming, and we dance!

A big nightclub, where, on the dance floor, when they are not on the turntables, we meet the young prodigy Vanyfox, favourite of the moment from the Enchufada stable, the Cape Verdian who has turned funana into new funk, a certain Dino D Santiago, PEDRO who also invites himself into the party, the three D's of Dengue Dengue and the sound of their electronic Peru, while Gafacci lets his beats flow from Accra... good people, good sound...

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