Discover the Afro Electro side of Lisbon with Bubas Produções and his "Mega" EP

June 26, 2020 | By Aodren

Club Yéké, this big nightclub with an open groove, which has recently turned into a very interesting label - we remember their first release, a very... animal record by Jumping Back Slash - is back with a new hot and beautiful, but above all very afro and very electro record, a Mega EP, and that's its real name, by Bubas Produções.

So it's Bubas Produções, a proud craftsman of the Lisbon night, a pupil of the pioneers of kuduro, architect of a haunting and repetitive Afro-house sound, master of a beat that has the gift of tapping, tapping, and tapping again, and again, and again with a hallucinating regularity and above all a bit of hallucination, who invests the Club Yéké de Tash LC for his number 002!

On the five or so tracks of this Mega Ep, Bubas Produções and Club Yéké give us a taste of the sweet burn of a night in a Lisbon that looks at Africa. The sound is afro, it is electro, the beat is clean and incisive, a successful bet for this second volume of Club Yéké!


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