Kenyan Street Style Brands to Shop Right Now

August 4, 2020 | By kenyanvibe

Street style is slowly becoming recognized here in the 254. Globally, perceived as “looking too comfortable”, laid-back or the classic ‘no effort’ it is not every fashion or even non-fashion person’s go-to look.

Carine Roitfeld, a former editor in chief of Vogue was once of the opinion that the problem with the way American women dress, is that they look too comfortable. This is actually so funny right now. We can all agree that we didn’t dress for comfort. That’s one lesson this pandemic has taught us.

Unrelentingly, the genre has then gone ahead to take the world by storm and can now be classified as cutting-edge fashion. Thanks to other art forms such as hip-hop, skateboarding, and to some extent social media.

If you are struggling to conjure up what style is considered street picture casual baggy t-shirts, hoodies, and bold graphics, just to name a few. Street style lovers love it because it is funky and leaves ample room for self-expression.

There are some amazing Kenyan Streetwear designers that I love and here are some Kenyan brands that you can grab some pieces from to kill the streets.



The ethos behind the brand is love, community, collaboration, and a blank canvas for a version of the Nairobi/Kenyan story. It’s admirable Bonkers grew from a jewellery line to an eclectic apparel brand.



Metamorphisized by Daudi O aims to cater for the modern Mwananchi and grow Kenyan’s loyalty towards their own streetwear culture by giving them quality designs. They contribute greatly to the country’s music industry’s image by providing standout fits for great artists like Karun, Steph Kapela, Fena, Vallerie Muthoni, Nonso Amadi and Justin Doucet just to name a few.



Raise your hand if you have seen the white lines in a circle logo around the Nairobi’s social scene. (I really hope you did). The brand which means “like minded” embraces culture, diversity and individuality. Bongosawa will always work and you can quote me.



Looking at the founder Mr Ohanga aka Octopizzo’s personal style you already know the drip is most certainly confirmed. The rapper truly embodies every essence of epic street style that birthed his own luxury apparel brand with the popular utility vests, cargo pants, PVC jackets, sunglasses among others.



Monoxrome welcomes you to futuristic style. The made-to-measure brand delivers standout style and flawless fits every time. It has also featured prominently in the music industry both locally and internationally; working with various stylists to create amazing pieces for Tinie Tempa, Yemi Alade, Diamond Platinumz, MDQ, Runtown, Nasty C, Nyashinski and heavily responsible for a lot of Sauti Sol’s greatest ensembles. The bold and trendsetting designs are sure to get you noticed. 


Nairobi Apparel District 

One of the keys to having a cutting-edge outfit lies in customization; something that NAD does best. Elevating your typical denim jackets, tees, leather jackets and even kicks. The incorporations of printable and hand-drawn and painted graphics make this brand a go-to if you are feeling bold. 

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