Portraits by Luiz Moreira

March 23, 2020 | By African Digital Art

Luiz Moreira was born in the city of São Paulo in 1989. He graduated in Social Communication at Centro Universitário Toledo in Araçatuba, interior of the state. During the period of studies at the university, his interest in photography surfaced. He then travels through the northeast of the country where he performs as his first photographs of a professional nature.

His activity as a photographer led him to travel around the world, from Sardine fishermen in Portugal to the workers of the beehives of the court of Fez not Morocco, always seeking to portray as different manifestations of culture and human life. His favorite subjects are Fashion, everyday people and remarkablescenarios. For Luiz Moreira every human being, each body transmits a story that can be told and fixed in an image.

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