The Rough "Grey Tape" by Kenyan rapper Edwin Mlayi (Album)

July 11, 2020 | By Aodren

Straight out of the bubbling Kenyan music scene, and we can even say the Nairobi hip-hop scene, young rapper Edwin Mlayi surprised us with the release a few days ago of his Grey Tape! A little compilation of lyrics and beats, rhythms and poetry... rap!

If the sound is brutal, imperfect, even fucked up, and the mix and the prod could be greatly improved, that's for sure, it's true, but despite all this, it emerges from this Tape which reminds us of those that in other times the pioneers of the genre recorded on tape, in conditions of almost similar imperfections, a little something that catches the attention.

On a few tracks, Edwin Mlayi, assisted by a few guests, holds the helm of a Grey Tape that feels the influence of hip-hop's origins, and... in a world invaded by emo-rap, degenerate autotune and other sleeve effects to hide the mediocrity of the artists, it feels good!


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