In love with wax print Bombers

May 29, 2017 | By Pagnifik

Initially intended for men, the bomber has been gradually androgynous and seems to have become a must in recent seasons. Like the perfecto and the denim jacket, the women's bomber perfectly complements any outfit. On jeans, it gives a youthful and street wear look. It also very nice with a little skirt or a dress.

You should know that this piece originated in the US Army in the 50s where it dressed the air force.

All fashion brands now offer this piece each season, in autumn and spring.And of course we are interested in the wax print version of the bomber.

Discover here a shopping selection to have an original bomber.

Openya Couture, 69€


This model is our favorite. With its blue jean color, it has everything to please! Other models are available on the eshop of the brand.

80 days, 115€


For sale on Afrikrea and Nanawax stores (Cotonou, Abidjan, Kinshasa, Dakara, Brazzaville)

Nanawax, 130€


Lena Dreams, 89€


Asake Oge


Khosi Nkosi, South Africa



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