Kiskeya, the Maasai-inspired Collection by Jean Aristide Création

May 5, 2016 | By Adama

In his latest collection, Kiskeya, the young Burkinabé/Senegalese jewelery designer, Jean Aristide (from JAC Mode, Jean Aristide Création) draws largely from the traditional Maasai ornaments, declining his large circular pearl necklaces in many models. 

If the inspiration of this collection is clearly from East Africa, Jean Aristide integrates in the creation of his jewelry materials specific to his geographical area, West Africa, but also fabrics gleaned in India, imported techniques from Europe, and a Haitian something! Indeed, the name of this collection, Kiskeya, comes from an ancient supposed name of the pearl of the West Indies, Haiti, of which it is said that the natives, before the Spanish colonization, denominated their island Haiti, Bohio and Quisqueya (authenticity of the latter name seems increasingly called into question by geographers and historians). 

But no matter the origins after all, the collection is no less sparkling and colorful! And, as with the Maasai, necklaces and ornaments are offered for women, and for men.

More from JAC here.


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