Nothing But the Wax: Tell, Inspire and Celebrate

April 5, 2017 | By Pagnifik

This is a very new page that has just opened for Nothing But the Wax, also know as NBW.

Launched in 2010 by Chayet Chiénin, Nothing But the Wax was initially the first blog in France to talk about African fashion in a specialized way. If Chayet's blog has become a reference, it is because it has adopted a tone, a sincerity and a vision of the black world in which many have recognized themselves.

After 6 years as a blog, Nothing But the wax takes a remarkable turn in becoming a full-fledged media. This is THE new French media that celebrates and tells the singular stories of connected Afro-descendant youth: The Black Millenials

We followed this turning point with interest and are delighted to see such a beautiful evolution. Concretely, on NBW new version, you can find

  • A Fashion section presenting talents in the afro domain; they are creators, models, ...

  • A Culture section that highlights artists from various fields: painting, drawing...…

  • A brand new Fashion section compared to the old orientation of the blog; interested in black beauty

  • A Videos section, which also tells Fashion and Beauty culture stories. This is our favorite section, especially the "One Minute Style" a short video format (1 min) that decrypt a person's style

NBW's mission is to "Tell, Inspire and Celebrate". A beautiful mission that has made a good start.



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