Sawa shoes: Sneakers made in Africa

Febuary 4, 2017 | By So Many Paris

Sawa is the challenge of a sneaker made entirely in Africa (first in Cameroon and then in Ethiopia) and which pays tribute to the know-how and the vitality of the African continent.

Trendy sneakers, retro, sober, original, glamorous, in wax print, golden ... there is something for all tastes, with quality as the only word of order, with the aim of competing with the greatest.

Part of the fabric used to make Sawa's sneakers comes from falls from fashion designers and major brands. These materials of choice are shipped to Africa, where they are worked to create sneakers edited in small numbers. For more traditional models, fabric, bake, laces and rubber come from several African countries: Nigeria, Ethiopia and Cameroon in the lead.

Several artists, such as Oxmo Puccino, Public Enemy, Mai Lan or South African artist Shine Shine, collaborated with Sawa to put their claws on these pairs of sneakers like no other. Limited editions that quickly become collector!

Sawa Shoes offers ranges for men, women and also for children.

For any question push the door of their beautiful store, we guarantee that you will be adorably welcomed there!

Sawa Shoes
37 rue Myrha, 75018 Paris

Open Monday to Saturday 11am-7pm


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