Here is the winter Collection of Christie Brown

December 12, 2015 | By Aodren

Created in 2008 in Accra, Ghana, luxury brand Christie Brown has, over the years, from Paris to Johannesburg, New York to Lagos, established itself as one of the references of contemporary African aesthetics; that is, it all began when, in her childhood, the designer and founder of the brand, Aisha Obuobi, watched with inspiration from her sewing grandmother, a certain Christie Brown, assemble the fabrics, and carefully make clothes.

This rapid rise of the most beautiful podiums on the planet is due, of course, to a skillful marketing, but above all to an undeniable creative talent; as shown in the latest winter collection of the Ghanaian brand, the well named Coup de Classe! 

It must be said that in this winter lookbook nothing is left to chance; from the cut of the clothes, to the choice of the mannequin, to the quality of the fabrics, and photos, everything is impeccable! So succeeded on a background of a brown brown, the different pieces of this collection where the fluidity of the combinations, and blouses rub shoulders with the geometric cuts of some tailors, where the pattern in chicken foot meet the colorful colors and elegant swatch Ghanaian ... a real class break.

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