Nigerian Brand ZASHADU creates exclusive Lady’s Purses

April 21, 2017 | By Evelina Grecenko

Famous European and American fashion houses usually create exclusive lady’s’ purses. However, young designer Zainab Ashadu releases his ideas in the centre of Lagos. Here, in the capital of African country Nigeria, Ashadu established a studio where he creates and sews ZASHADU brand’s accessories. ZASHADU purses are not only successfully selling in Nigeria, but also in various European countries.

Fashion label mostly uses ship or goat skin to manufacture purses. However, the brand quite often receives exotic reptile skin from local craftsmen, which also goes to the purses manufacture. All ZASHADU accessories count rare as they only produce from 30 to 35 models each month.

Ashadu’s workshop named the latest purse model UNDERSTUDY. It revealed all the designer and stylistic features of ladies’ accessories brand.

UNDERSTUDY volume bag was made from crocodile leather and is worth £450. Moreover, it has memorable clear lines and a contrasting combination of black and beige colours.

In addition, the upper part of the bag has a zip and, for greater reliability, on the valve. Also, a large functional pocket with a valve is provided outside.

Nigerian brand ZASHADU uses high-quality leather and a combination of contrasting materials which make accessories stylish and recognisable.


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