Wana Sambo Releases Campaign for SS19 Collection in collaboration with Efya

January 28, 2018|By Valerie Ekpo

Shot in Accra, Ghana, The “Feminine in the Wild” collection by Nigerian clothing brand features Ghanaian songstress, Efya.

“Feminine in the Wild” simply means; “We will always be feminine even in a wild world.

This struggle, we believe, is every woman’s reality. Her struggle for equal pay, her struggle to be feminine in places or situations where people say “a woman should not be this smart”, or “a woman cannot dress this way” or “this is not a woman’s job” or “a woman should not be here or do this or handle this or be that.” etc.

Women, from time have had to fight to be seen and heard in a world where our femininity is sometimes questioned by some wild (uncultivated/inhospitable) kind.

We are sometimes harassed/abused because we are “attractive”, told to shrink for men, even when we are sometimes the voice behind that “strong man” in the room’s actions/ideas.

We are sometimes told to dress a certain way in order not to “attract unwanted sexual actions”. Women are sometimes called “less” or “weak” or “dumb” simply because we are female.

This is the Wana Sambo Woman’s open declaration and desire to stay “FEMININE” regardless of what we are told to be.

“Feminine in the Wild” encourages every woman out here to stay strong, sexy and exotic.

Be a #WanaSamboWoman.


ART DIRECTION: @wanawinning

PHOTOGRAPHY: @focusghphotography

VIDEO by: @ralph_phost

MAKEUP: @reggies_makeovers

STYLING: @_doneal_ & @wanawinning

HAIR: @kuzistyl


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